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SPORTS Anchal Thakur: the first Indian to be World Skiing Champ

Anchal Thakur: the first Indian to be World Skiing Champ

12 01 2018 Friday
The News

India's rising professional skiing player Anchal Thakur has won a bronze medal in the recently concluded Alpine Ejder 3200 cup organized by the International Ski Federation. The tournament happened at Palandoken Mountains in Turkey on 10 Jan 2018.

behind the news

Skiing is a sport that involves racing and navigating your way through steep and heavily snow-covered mountains. For many decades, India hasn't seen many players performing at the international level due to violence in snowy terrains and limited government resources. However, despite these odds, 21-year-old Anchal Thakur, hailing from Manali, is now a sensation. The conditions were so difficult that out of eight players, only three could actually finish the race. The race was won by Turkey's Lara Tamer who finished the race just 21 seconds before Anchal. After her victory, she thanked her team which was constantly encouraging her to finish the race even when she was injured. She also said that due to fewer facilities, it becomes difficult to compete as she has to go outside India for training.

beyond the news

Skiing is a kind of sport that is most famous in countries that are known to have a cold climate; although Kashmir is but very prone to violence by terrorists. Despite the odds and limited resources, Anchal used the great Himalayas to her advantage. A lesson for all of us: smartness and success lies in… how you use the available resources.

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