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LIFE Was Albert Einstein correct on Relativity? Just wait for this astronomical event...

Was Albert Einstein correct on Relativity? Just wait for this astronomical event...

08 03 2018 Thursday
The News

The theory of Relativity which is being taught to kids and adults alike all over the world will be tested soon as a star named S0-2 will soon be clutched within the gravitational pull of a black hole in the coming few months. And with this, scientists at UCLA Galactic Centre Group will witness Einstein's theory put to the real test. UCLA Galactic Centre Group is situated in Los Angeles , United States of America.

behind the news

Albert Einstein, one of the most intelligent scientists to have ever lived gave scientific theories and laws that guide relation between time and gravity. He is better known for his work on 'Theory of General Relativity'. His work in various fields of science has earned him a lot of accolades and awards. Many of his theories were proved right at the time when he was alive. As per his Relativity Theory, the light will bend when it comes in contact with gravity. So ideally, when S0-2 will come within the gravitational pull of the black hole named Sgr A*, its light will get shifted along with its trajectory on which it revolves. The size of this star is 4.3 million times of the sun and researchers at UCLA’s Galactic Centre Group will be observing the star. After a long time since 1992, this star has come this near the hole and it will be very interesting to see what happens when this phenomenon will happen.

beyond the news

The universe which we are a part of is even bigger than our imagination. This is fascinating to know that there have been people like Einstein because of which we have been able to understand this otherwise difficult phenomenon. Whatever may be the result of the test, the observation will definitely help to provide more clarity and will help in uncovering more secrets of the universe.

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