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LIFE The African continent has already started to break into two parts

The African continent has already started to break into two parts

02 04 2018 Monday
The News

According to researchers, after many millions of years, the African continent will split into two parts. It will be so because recently, a large crack became very evident in South-Western Kenya . The crack stretches not for few kilometres, but several miles!

behind the news

Our mother earth is full of suspense! The processes that will split African continent into two are still under research and debate. It is being debated as the earth's crust is divided into sections known as tectonic plates (huge plates inside the earth). And these plates are always under temporary movements and changes. For those scientists who believe it as a fact, have said that the split is moving towards Zimbabwe (situated south of Kenya). Scientists also stated that as of now, no specific shape of the split part can be determined. Nevertheless, it has been estimated that such a split can take many eastern coastal countries like Somalia, and approximately half of Ethiopia, Kenya and Tanzania to another part of the continent. Without any doubt, this split will change the geography of the African continent completely.

beyond the news

Changes happen in earth on a daily basis, minute-by-minute. It is only the change which is constant in the world.

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