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LIFE Tech Platform for Donation of Extra Food

Tech Platform for Donation of Extra Food

09 03 2018 Friday
The News

Sugam Sharma, a researcher from Iowa State University, U.S.A. is working on a software to donate the extra food to the people who go hungry every day. This research was published in the journals named Resources, Conversation and Recycling and Telematics & Informatics on 1st March, 2018.

behind the news

For many people around the world, scarcity of food seems to be a huge problem. How many of us have actually thought about this issue? Whether the world doesn't have enough food to be fed to everybody or is it not distributed the right way? Scratching your head! Well, actually, there's no scarcity of food. If we look at it the other way, actually lot of food is wasted everyday and if this food can reach to the right places, many needy kids will not be sleeping hungry. Mr. Sharma is working on an unique software to deal with this situation. This software will help donors to make the extra food available at public distribution centers such as food pantries or churches that would then serve a free meal. The software has an interactive map, which displays the information such as kind of food available and for how much time. Everyone today has a Smartphone and perhaps that will encourage and make it easy for people to come forward for a good cause.

beyond the news

Technology today can deal with many challenges of our world and it has its presence in every field. Then, why not use it for a good cause. Although, the software is only at its initial testing stage, however, to succeed, it will primarily need support of the people who have plenty of food. Let's support to feed the people who sleep hungry by using such software and people.

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