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LIFE Spiders Prove Human Theory Wrong

Spiders Prove Human Theory Wrong

06 01 2018 Saturday
The News

Something unexpected has happened because of which, even scientists are scratching their heads. The ‘Great Man Theory’ put forward in the nineteenth century has been proved wrong by the social behaviour among ‘spiders’. This fascinating result has been found by an ecologist Jonathan Pruitt, a professor at the University of California , United States of America.

behind the news

Ecologist Jonathan Pruitt has been doing his research on spider’s leadership qualities. The “Great Man Theory” says that powerful person whether being in terms of intelligence, politics, etc. influences weaker people to shape the events or course of history. This theory was put to test on spiders, by Prof. Pruitt. He introduced some strong spiders into a group of weak spiders in different regions of Africa. He decided strong and weak by blowing jet on them to see which recovered earlier. Weak ones took 20 minutes and strong ones recovered very quickly. With a continuous blow of water jet, strong spiders found a route to save themselves and the weaker ones followed it. This concludes, as per Jonathan, that it was not the leadership of the stronger ones but the followership of weaker ones that counts most for survival.

beyond the news

Well! It might be true, but the question remains as to how humans have evolved over the centuries and spiders not. Spider’s behaviour has remained the same but not that of humans, which evolved from the ages of hunting to industries.

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