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LIFE Spiders Appetite for Reptiles Befuddles scientists

Spiders Appetite for Reptiles Befuddles scientists

The News

A new study published in the Journal of arachnology has revealed that spiders like eating reptiles like snakes. Even the scientists who conducted this research were stunned with their findings.

behind the news

A spider expert in the University of Basel in Switzerland was heading the research who was surprised to find that spiders have tendency to eat snakes. This is something that is not found in just one species of spiders, but with many of them almost all over the world. Even the experts on snake confirmed this and were surprised by the findings. Though not all the species of spiders have an appetite for reptiles, many commonly found spiders in forests have this trait. This has also led scientists believe that spiders play a very important role in the nature to restore the balance by killing the reptiles. Doubt come of this research was confirmed by conducting practical trials where in spiders were pitched against snakes. Interestingly, in 87% of the cases, the spiders were successful.

beyond the news

Spiders and snake and a sensually crawling creatures but by no means friends of each other. This research can help scientists understand more about both the species and their role in managing the balance of the nature. Hopefully, more research will be done in this field and even more fascinating discoveries will be made.