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LIFE Robotics will eradicate the labour class in coming future

Robotics will eradicate the labour class in coming future

11 01 2018 Thursday
The News

Recently, a study conducted by scientists from Oxford University says that by the end of this century, 47 percent of all kinds of jobs are at risk. This is because these jobs at risk will be taken over by robots and automation systems.

behind the news

Robots will soon be an integral part of our civilization to a large extent. They will be assisting humans in all the ways possible. But before assisting humans, they will be present in huge numbers in factories. They will be deployed to make work faster and at very low cost. So, with the increase in robots, almost all the basic jobs will be taken over. Jobs in any businesses related to manufacturing, agriculture, construction, firefighting, food service and even community policing will be done by robots. At the same time, this doesn't mean that people will be idle and without work. According to other report, humans will be useful in thinking and creativity related roles and jobs. This automation system, on the other hand, will also generate jobs for people to work; as at the end, humans will be required to overlook control robots. However, laborious jobs will be completely overtaken by robots like lifting and transportation of things in factories, etc. Just like years back, people did ploughing with hands but later started to use tractors (vehicles). But after the invention of machinery for farming, people started developing machines and generated jobs.

beyond the news

Did you know that Royal Caribbean Cruise has robots as bartenders? Not only this, a pharmacy at the University of California in San Francisco has a robot that fills the prescriptions. Now, that doesn't mean doctors are not required. All it depends on how we take benefit of a technology; it exists for reducing human efforts only? Isn't it?

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