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LIFE Reading improves relationship

Reading improves relationship

05 04 2018 Thursday
The News

According to Qian-Wen Xie, when parents spend time reading with their kids, it benefits kids a lot. Reading together is not only good for learning effectively but also improves the parent-child relationship as well. The research was published in Journal Pediatrics, on 27th March 2018. Qian-Wen Xie lives in Hong Kong , China.

behind the news

Do you find reading boring? If yes then, it will be not when you read together with parents. One should have a habit of reading since an early age as improves thinking and intelligence. It is even more effective when you read with your parents. Yes! That's right. And it's not as per single research. It is as per a single conclusion of 18 researchers, that was made by Qian-Wen Xie. It was observed by Qian-Wen that on one hand, the kids who participated reading programs were very good in behaviour and have more control over their negative emotions. On the other, it benefited parents too. Parents became more confident, less feared with a good mental health.

beyond the news

Reading habits should be developed at an early age. With books, you surf through the knowledge that humans have gathered till date, imaginations of every kind like fairy tales, the life of great people, etc. Did you know that Indra Nooyi who runs a company that makes your favourite cold drink reads at least one page before going to sleep? If she can do by taking some time out from her busy schedule, then you can obviously do.

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