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LIFE Pluck + Jogging = Plogging

Pluck + Jogging = Plogging

12 02 2018 Monday
The News

People of Sweden are making up their health by taking care of their environment! People take a trash bag and pick up the garbage on the road while they are running or jogging in the morning. It was first mentioned on social media in 2016, however, the popularity sped up recently in January 2018. 'Plogging ' was initiated by environmentalist Erik Ahlstrom.

behind the news

Taking care of health is extremely important after all 'Health is Wealth. ' At the same time, the cleanliness of our planet Earth and our environment is important to be healthy. One cannot live or jog amidst smoke, pollution and dirt. The Swedish people seem to have understood this and have started a movement named 'PLOGGING. Don 't worry if you are not a good runner, you can also do it on a bike or while you are walking. Swedish people have reinvented the source of getting health benefits from doing squats and pit stops which are part of mobility training. Experts say that when you bend down to pick up something like trash, it has the same effect. Plogga the plogging group hosted the first-ever event in Denver last month.

beyond the news

The step taken by Erik is worthy of applause. Plogging has already reached Thailand and even Paris with a dedicated community. Have your town or community started yet? How about some running and plogging along!

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