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LIFE Paying For Doing Nothing isn’t a Bad Idea!!

Paying For Doing Nothing isn’t a Bad Idea!!

10 03 2018 Saturday
The News

What will happen if your government starts paying you for doing nothing? Sounds like a dream come true for an unemployed person and even more for a lazy person. Right? But researchers Damon Jones of the University of Chicago and Ioana Marinescu of the University of Pennsylvania in United States of America , believe otherwise.

behind the news

Researchers of both the universities analysed the implications of providing dividends to residents of Alaska, as part of their research. As per them, the biggest criticism of the idea is that people who are already unemployed will become more laid-back in their attitude. However, the research suggests that providing fixed income for not doing anything will make people buy things which will eventually increase the needs and wants in their life. And once this is established in their lives, they will need more money for fulfilling future wants and needs. And thus ultimately, he or she will be more willing to work. During the research, they observed that Alaskan residents started working part-time, but there was no significant increase or decrease in their employment levels.

beyond the news

This study clearly shows that mere monitor support to people won’t affect the employment levels. It won’t decrease and will not increase that either. What is more important is that government should rather use these funds to encourage people to work so that they can stand up on their own feet and make a life for themselves. As they say: 'There is no shortcut in life" and "One needs to earn his bread by self".

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