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LIFE Now, Bionic hands can make you feel things….

Now, Bionic hands can make you feel things….

09 01 2018 Tuesday
The News

Along with other international scientists, neuro-engineer Silvestro Micera in Rome , Italy has for the first time successfully tested a bionic'>bionic hand that made a woman sense things. Although, such a bionic hand was made in 2014, the overall system was too large that it never came out of the lab to be used by a human.

behind the news

Professor Silvestro Micera tested this bionic hand on Almerina Mascarello, who had lost her left hand, some 25 years ago. Touch-sensitive bionic hands are the latest improvements in bionic technology. It has sensors that let a person feel whether the object is hard or soft. This new bionic hand was trialled on Almerina for six months before she finally felt the objects. The whole system of this new bionic hand is quite small in comparison to earlier one but, needs more improvement for to be handy. The makers say that soon it will be out in the market; the people who've lost hand will feel complete with this bionic hand. After a successful test, Almerina Mascarello said, "The feeling is spontaneous—as if it were your real hand. You're finally able to do things that before were difficult, like getting dressed or putting on shoes. All mundane but important things. You feel complete."

beyond the news

Well! It seems that Luke Skywalker's fictional bionic hand in movie Star Wars is going to be a reality soon. Professor Silvestro Micera believes the same too. So, what's the next fictional technology that scientists will make it real in coming future?

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