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LIFE New Mineral Discovered in Diamond

New Mineral Discovered in Diamond

13 03 2018 Tuesday
The News

Researchers from the Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, University of Alberta have discovered a mineral called Calcium Silicate Perovskite on the Earth’s surface. This mineral was only known hypothetically until now and has been discovered for the first time inside a diamond at South Africa ’s Cullinan diamond mine. The research has been published in the journal called Nature.

behind the news

Calcium Silicate Perovskite is a deep earth mineral which is formed 700 kilometres under the Earth’s surface. This mineral becomes unstable above a depth of 650 kilometres. This means that until now this mineral was not at all seen by humans. It was only known theoretically that this mineral exists. Scientists think that this mineral contains about 93% of Earth’s lower mantle. Now that they have discovered this mineral they can research about it. Even the diamond that it was found inside, is a rare one. Generally, diamonds are formed at the depth of 200 kilometres under the earth’s surface, but this one was formed at about 700 kilometres deep.

beyond the news

This amazing new discovery could now help scientists learn more about the Earth’s mantle, and how it is formed. It could tell us much more about our planet. Now the mineral is going to be researched upon by a team from the University of British Columbia.

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