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LIFE NASA's new time-lapse video on Global Warming

NASA's new time-lapse video on Global Warming

16 04 2018 Monday
The News

NASA (in United States of America ) has very recently released a time-lapse animated video on global warming. In this 40-seconds short video, lies the history of the increase in earth's global temperature between 1880 to 2017.

behind the news

NASA (National Aeronautical Space Administration) is an American government organisation that conducts space research, and development activities related to Aeronautics. It regularly publishes reports and animated videos related to the Global Warming of the earth. These animated videos are based on their years of observation. This reports and videos serve as an indicator of how earth's local climate is changing. In one of the videos, it can be seen that when everything was normal i.e. earth's natural environment, it is depicted blue in colour- at the start of video reflecting earth's natural state in 1880. And towards the end of that video, we can see that the whole earth is red i.e. an alarming increase in earth's temperature. Did you know that the year 2017 was the hottest year for planet earth? You can watch the video at https://climate.nasa.gov/climate_resources/139/graphic-global-warming-from-1880-to-2017/.

beyond the news

This is a very scary situation. This clearly shows that the efforts being taken by governments and common people are not turning out to be enough to tackle the problem of Global Warming. On an urgent basis, planting more trees and reducing the use of vehicles and devices that cause air pollution are the most critical need of the times.

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