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LIFE Machine Preventing Pain

Machine Preventing Pain

09 03 2018 Friday
The News

Professor Oliver J. Myers and graduate assistant Brandon Williams from the Clemson University in United States of America have come up with a type of three-ply skin which can sense damage in machines, and report it to the operators even before the damage causes or starts to cause a problem. This technology will send the reports in real time and is specially designed for the U.S Army Research Lab.

behind the news

This new technology will somewhat function like the nerve cells of the human body. The human body reacts to symptoms as and when it feels that a future threat or damage or disease is going to attack the body... with the help of the nerve cells that carry messages to the human brain from various parts of the body. The new three-ply skin will do the exact same thing but, for the machines. So now, when this particular three-ply skin is developed fully, it will sense the arrival or onset of damage in early stages and let the operators know. That will help them to take preventive measures accordingly. The U.S Army Research Lab has shown interest in this technology. It has offered about 1 million dollars as a grant to Professor Myers, and Mr. Williams for applying this technology to the components of a military aircraft.

beyond the news

This new technology could be the next best thing for a variety of areas, especially military forces. Imagine, the amount of money that can be saved as a result of this invention. The cost of maintenance would come down. What are the other areas according to you where this technology can be used?

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