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LIFE MIT’s new device lets you communicate things that you have just ‘thought’ in your mind!

MIT’s new device lets you communicate things that you have just ‘thought’ in your mind!

09 04 2018 Monday
The News

How about having a “second self” that can compute things, answer your questions like to some extent Google does and is smart enough like an AI robot? And that too while you just think of such things in your mind! It will soon be a reality as the researchers from the MIT Media Lab in Massachusetts , United States of America have developed an all-new device called AlterEgo for the same purpose.

behind the news

This new device AlterEgo’s goal is to assist humans with their ‘second self;’ assisting humans in a manner like Siri or Google Assistant is trying for. But not by saying words… just by thinking. And particularly a ‘second self’ that can help a person in many ways, like, doing maths for you in a shop or store, helping you to surf your computer without using keyboard or saying words, remind you of important dates and things to be done (like an AI), etc.. And exactly all these things were successfully done during the first ever use of ‘AlterEgo;’ surprisingly, just by “thinking” of all such in one of the researcher's mind. So, how it’s done? AlterEgo device fits behind your ear. It detects the vibration of your face and ear that happens when you think of something specific or say a word in your mind. Like add, move right, click, time, etc. On recognizing vibrations of a specific word or thought, it transcribes such. And then silently answers your queries or follows the action you have ordered (like moving to next application). Isn’t it amazing! The current queries and question were answered by AlterEgo with only having a maximum vocabulary of 20 words (like add, subtract, application names on a computer, time, date, etc.). Researchers believe that they will soon add the complete English vocabulary. Many people are calling it as a device that reads your mind. But it might be real in the far future. Currently, it’s just another device that figures out what you want just by detecting vibrations of the words that you think in your mind.

beyond the news

The name of this new device has been derived from a concept called ‘Alter Ego.’ It is a concept termed by psychologists according to which, many people lead a double life. It means that two personalities are lived by a person: one in the presence of other people and the one when alone. Following such, one day, AlterEgo might become a complete second self of yours. Currently, it’s just an assistant to you.

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