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LIFE Love for Dachshund: a whole new museum dedicated

Love for Dachshund: a whole new museum dedicated

06 04 2018 Friday
The News

The Dacklemuseum in Passau , Bavaria was inaugurated on 2nd April 2018. It is the first museum of its kind in the world to have the largest collection of dachshund-themed items.

behind the news

No other dogs enjoy the popularity as the Dachshund does. The Dachshund is a short-legged, long-bodied, hound-type breed of dog. It is known more commonly as ‘sausage dog’. The Dachshund was bred by the Germans, during the middle ages. They were making Daschund to remove Badgers. Also, foxes from their burrows so that they wouldn’t attack ducks and hens of Germans. One of the most prized traits of this dog, is its passion for hunting. This museum in Passau is celebrating the existence of this adorable creature. The co-founder of this museum Seppi Küblbeck said that the world needs a sausage dog museum. This museum has canine stamps, prints and different kinds of sausage dog motifs and toys on display.

beyond the news

Many people from all over the world especially dog lovers are getting interested to visit this unique museum. Did you know that the Dachshund, which was called Waldi, was the mascot for the 1972 Munich Olympics?

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