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LIFE Loneliest bird died in love with a stone-bird

Loneliest bird died in love with a stone-bird

12 02 2018 Monday
The News

Nigel is the perhaps loneliest bird not only in New Zealand but in the whole world. It arrived on the uninhabited Mana Island of New Zealand in 2013 attracted to a female Gannet (bird)... that was not real but carved out of stone. Nigel was found dead near the concrete decoy of the gannet late January 2018.

behind the news

Falling in love with someone/something can 't be described in words. Love can be felt for a person, a passion, hobby, books, collecting stamps/coins, and so on. Above all, here we are talking about a bird that fell in love with a bird made of stone and concrete. For years, it mistakenly understood it as a real one. Yes, this is what happened at the uninhabited Mana Island, off North Coast, New Zealand. Nigel is sea bird that landed on the island attracted to another gannet made of concrete on the island. There are close to 80 concrete gannet decoys made on the Mana Island by Chris Bell, a conservation organization. The motive of this step was to attract seabirds to build a breeding colony. Nigel, however, spent four years in anticipation of breeding with an immovable stone bird. The loneliest seabird after building its nest with seaweeds, mud and twigs died near the decoy.

beyond the news

A similar out of the world example was recorded somewhere else where a female tiger took care of a baby deer after feeling guilty of killing the mother deer and it died of starvation. Our world is full of exceptional examples of love and this exception in the animal world is beyond human imagination. It only reflects that great love stories do exist in the animal kingdom also.

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