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LIFE King Ferdinand's Secret Decoded

King Ferdinand's Secret Decoded

07 02 2018 Wednesday
The News

An extraordinary discovery has been made that will answer a lot of questions related to Spanish battles. Spain 's intelligence agency has cracked the 500-year-old secret code made by King Ferdinand of Aragon in Spain.

behind the news

During the 16th century, Span and France were fighting to have control over the Mediterranean Sea which facilitated trade between Europe and Asia. While many battles took place, one of the Spanish king, King Ferdinand to avoid a situation where his strategy gets in the hands of the enemy, he converted such into a code. This code included the overall military strategy, instruction for Military Commandment, and for troops, etc. This code was highly complex was made of 88 symbols and 237 combined letters. To add more complexity and unlike many other secret codes found in history, there was not a single space. All the symbols and characters were adjoined together to form a 20-page long secret code. Did you know that it took almost 6 months to crack 4 of the letters, by Spain's intelligence agency? This secret code has been put on exhibition at Spain's Army Museum in Toledo.

beyond the news

According to many historians and other experts, the history of the Mediterranean region is very crucial. In its history lies the understanding of the origins and development of many modern day societies. It might be true as today also, as believed, many organizations and governments use a secret code to convey a message like King Ferdinand used to follow.

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