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LIFE JAXA Creates History

JAXA Creates History

10 02 2018 Saturday
The News

The Japan ese Space Research team has achieved a remarkable '>remarkable feat. After a failed attempt last year, the team has successfully launched the world's SMALLEST rocket. The rocket carrying the satellite was launched from Uchinoura Space Centre at Mnamikata, Japan on 3rd Feb 2018.

behind the news

This rocket belongs to SS-520 series which is only 10 meters long and the satellite it carried was only 3 kg heavy. It was launched from the Uchinora Space Centre of Japan and was placed in the desired orbit in its second attempt, the first one being made last year. This news was confirmed by Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) and while disclosing the news, a spokesperson also mentioned that it uses components that are used in mobile phones. These small rockets are an attempt to lower the cost of getting into the orbit for smaller companies.

beyond the news

While it is still not clear that what could be the real benefit of making such a tiny rocket, it seems that soon - with the cost of making and launching a rocket respectively, getting lower - even you could send a 3 meters long rocket into earth's orbit from your terrace.

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