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LIFE Is our Mind a Quantum Computer?

Is our Mind a Quantum Computer?

05 04 2018 Thursday
The News

Can our mind make tough and complex calculations like a computer does? Yes! Not just like an ordinary computer but, even more like a quantum computer. Scientists believe that a human brain is capable of making large calculations in a fraction of seconds... that only quantum computers can do. The goal of this new research at the University of California , Santa Barbara in the United States of America is to confirm this ability of a human brain.

behind the news

Can you calculate (450.292*1523.0089) in a fraction of a second? Right now, No! As you are not accustomed to such difficult calculations. However, your brain has an ability to do thousand times difficult calculation than above one. Reason being, as per the scientists, the human brain in many ways functions like a computer. Like computers, we also process information through our 5 senses and brain, make decisions, respond when something is fed, and much more. Should not scientists say "computers in many ways function like a human brain?" We came earlier and it was we humans that invented computers. Right! Above all, if computers can do it then why not humans. Scientists are of the belief that quantum mechanics is the only field of science through which, such an ability of human brain can be confirmed. It is so as all the laws and principles of quantum mechanics take place inside our brain too.

beyond the news

A lot of research has been going on in the area of quantum mechanics. And now, it has been extended to the human brain. Whatever may be the ability of our human brain, will humans ever prefer to make calculations by self? Then why did we invented computers? Certainly, we will not. But, this particular study will help scientists to make better AI robots!

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