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LIFE Is a Robot with Brains an AI?

Is a Robot with Brains an AI?

13 03 2018 Tuesday
The News

Scientists from the University of Texas , Austin in the United States of America are merging Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Robotics. They are experimenting AI into their machines so that machines can act on their own and deal with real-life issues.

behind the news

Remember the science fiction films where robots were shown to have brains of their own? Turns out that this is going to become a reality. The team from the University of Texas, Austin has decided to install artificial intelligence in machines. They have been able to create laptops that move around on motorised wheels. Until now, these machines have been able to carry out simple instructions, and not bump into stuff. The scientists are planning to put in more abilities like the ability to recognise objects and people. They are also planning to program these robots to understand human speech. Dr Jesse Thomasan, the lead researcher says that the robots ask many questions like kids. His colleague Dr Andrea Thomaz is busy teaching the robots human etiquettes. They have also developed a class of robots which can play football, but there are challenges to that.

beyond the news

There have been so many movies made and books written about robots with an ability to function like a human. One such show was Small Wonder, which was about a little robot girl who lived in a human family. Imagine, how it would be if this could become a reality. Maybe watching the show would help you understand how our lives could change.

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