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LIFE Imagine a world with NO CHOCOLATES

Imagine a world with NO CHOCOLATES

11 01 2018 Thursday
The News

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) recently mentioned some future effects of Climate Change. And this time, it is on chocolates. According to NOAA, the rise in Global Warming is not favourable for cocoa plants and thus, chocolates can eventually disappear by 2040.

behind the news

All the young kids reading this, is there anyone who doesn't like chocolates? Why only kids, even adults are fond of chocolate? But what if chocolate disappear from earth completely? Well, for a chocolate tree to grow properly, it needs heavy rainfall. These trees, however, are fighting with the climate change and weather conditions to survive. But Good News is that Scientists from the University of California along with food & candy companies, MARS are working on a certain technology. Scientists are trying to explore CRISPR technique which will help the tiny cocoa seedlings to survive and grow at dryer temperature and withstand Global Warming.

beyond the news

Chocolate may reduce by 100,000 tons every year after a few years from now. It seems that some internationa organization will declare "Chocolates to become extinct". Let's not climate change affect our lives more and more importantly extinction of chocolates and start taking steps on an individual level to prevent it.

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