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LIFE Humans birds and happiness are interrelated

Humans birds and happiness are interrelated

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If you are interested in earning more money, there is no shortcut. But what if you can tell you that you can earn life satisfaction equivalent to around $150 per week without doing anything? A new research has said that it is possible.

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As per a research published by scientists in Germany, it has been discovered that birds can make humans happier just by being around them. Research research was conducted by the German Centre for integrative biodiversity where in life survey was conducted to see how people respond to different birds in 26 European countries. Around 26,000 people were a subject of this research it was found that the happiest people were those who were seeing different species of words in their daily life and nearby surroundings. It was also found that just like income, Life satisfaction was an equal priority for people. Just hearing birds sing the song, noticing different species is sufficient to release good hormones in humans.

beyond the news

During coronavirus, most of the people were staying at home and due to less level of pollution, people were more exposed to sounds around them. Maybe this is one of the reasons why humans have become more fond of birds now. Hopefully, this will continue and will help people realise how important biodiversity is for our survival.