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LIFE How well do you Know Your Ancestors?

How well do you Know Your Ancestors?

08 03 2018 Thursday
The News

Geneticist and computers scientists of an online company MyHeritage in Bnei Atarot , Israel have discovered some really amazing information on the basis of research done through databases of many online websites that provide family heritage'>heritage discovery services. A family tree of thirteen million people was discovered and reported many fascinating things in Journal 'Science' on 1st March 2018.

behind the news

There are websites like where anyone can go and get a prediction about your lineage. Thought the results are not hundred percent accurate, they give the nearly correct result. Scientists used this online tool’s database to study lives of around 13 million people that comprised of people majorly from Europe and America. The study revealed many tinkers like women travel more than men, people in 19th century preferred to marry within their community more than their predecessors and many other interesting things. Researchers believe that this discovery will help many scientists in different fields of study.

beyond the news

We all know about the origin of our parents and grandparents because there are people to tell us about them. Probably because they have seen them around. But what about our ancestors who existed even before our grandparents and their parents? You can know about them through this report which is easily available on the website. You can go to the website, create your account and make your own family tree for yourself.

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