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LIFE Higgs Boson will soon replace the theory of science that you know

Higgs Boson will soon replace the theory of science that you know

04 04 2018 Wednesday
The News

The future of physics is here with Higgs Boson. You must have heard about 'Big Bang Theory' (that explains how our universe might have born). Higgs Boson will help to crack this theory, however, will be able to only when a big factory to produce Bosons is made. This idea of making a big factory has been called upon by Nigel Lockyer, a renowned quantum mechanics scientist in United States of America . As per him, it is must for us to advance the subject of existing physics that can't explain 'how our universe came into being.'

behind the news

It was during Greek and Indus times that humans recognized atom as the most basic element of which everyday objects like wood, glass, brick, etc. are made of. But they were proved wrong by the 19th-century scientists. These scientists discovered that atom is made of electron, proton, and photon. This was further challenged and came to the theory of 'Standard Model'.Standard Model (SM) defines that matter is made of 61 elementary particles like electrons, quarks, leptons, and much more. They finally grouped the elementary particles into two categories. One was Fermions and other was Boson. All the fermions were discovered soon but, Boson was never. It was in 2013 that it was finally discovered at CERN'S Large Hadron Collider (LHC). LHC is also known as world's largest single machine.Although the last piece of SM has been discovered, it's now time to know about it completely. Without its complete understanding, scientists cannot reveal that 'how our universe came into being and eventually the life'.

beyond the news

The ultimate benefit once this factory is made and a whole 'new science' emerges is that, it will help humans to establish the 'Theory of Everything'. It is science community's common vision to come up with a single law or principle that explains everything.If Boson fascinated you then think of being a physicist. A world is waiting for the next Einstein!

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