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LIFE Galaxy glaze and Their secrets revealed

Galaxy glaze and Their secrets revealed

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Ever wondered why our Milky Way galaxy and several other galaxies all over the world glow. Well the answer lies in Gamma rays which result due to energy emitted by powerful cosmic accelerators in our galaxy.

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As per a research study published in the journal physics review letters, it has been observed that cosmic particle accelerators which are present in almost all elements of our galaxy and as possible for producing mysterious cosmic rays. These cosmic rays are essentially charged particles that travel in the form of gamma rays and open colloid with Earth as well. The unit for measuring the strength of these rays is called Petaelectron volt which scientists believe touches around 6.5 trillion electron volts. This is the main reason behind the giving nature of our Milky Way galaxy. Physicist David Hannah of McGill University in Montreal approved the research of both based AS Gamma experiment..

beyond the news

Universe is full of so many mysteries that it might take thousands of years to clarify each and every one of them. Add to that that universe as we know it is constantly changing. Our Milky Way Galaxy is just one of the galaxies in the world the world. Hopefully, the answer to this mystery will open gates for even more mysteries around cosmic waves.