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LIFE Found! What Happens To Brain Before Death?

Found! What Happens To Brain Before Death?

08 03 2018 Thursday
The News

A team of scientists led by a team led by neurologist Jens Dreier from Universitätsmedizin Berlin in Germany have recorded near-death experiences and what goes in the brain when a person dying or when the heart stops to function. The research was reported in Journal 'Annals of Neurology' on 15th Feb 2018.

behind the news

This study was difficult because when a person is about to die, all the focus is towards saving him and therefore studying his brain before death was something impossible. As of now, all the information in this field was recounts of people who nearly escaped death or experiments conducted on animals who don’t have a brain similar to humans. A study conducted on some brain-damaged patients has revealed that within 20-30 seconds of heart not functioning, the brain starts to break down. It continues for 2-5 mins and then a brain tsunami (spreading of electrochemical energy) takes place. According to this research, this brain tsunami can actually be stopped - which means preventing death - by oxygen supply to the brain. So, in near future, it is very much possible to save a life.This research is indeed a remarkable '>remarkable achievement, however, is just like a glimpse of a near-death experience. There is a lot to find and analysed by scientists to arrive at some concrete medical discovery.

beyond the news

This discovery has as of now has revived the decade-long research going-on on the near-death experience. We don't know whether it could be a foundational step towards saving a person life (within 2-5 mins after heart failure), however, in near future, it is for sure going to expand humanity's knowledge about curing all the brain-related damages and diseases.

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