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LIFE Flying Cars Launched!

Flying Cars Launched!

10 03 2018 Saturday
The News

Pal-V has launched its newest invention at the Geneva Motor Show 2018, Switzerland. The Pal-V Liberty is a flying car which has been finally launched at the Geneva Motor Show, on 6th March,2018. The makers of this car are in the process of getting the final legal permissions for the vehicle to travel on both road and air.

behind the news

The Dutch company Pal-V says that this car would be the world's first commercially available flying car. When this car is on the road, it is around the size of a small car. And to make it fly, it has two separate engines; one for driving on the road and another for flying in the air. The vehicle also has rotor blades for flying, and when it is on the road, the rotor blades fold themselves with resetting wheels for road driving. The company claims that the car has a capacity to reach the speed of 100 miles per hour. That's lot more than what was expected of a flying car. The Pal-V Liberty is available in two designs – sports, and pioneer.

beyond the news

Do you remember the flying car that Ron Weasley drove to Hogwarts with his friend Harry Potter in the Harry Potter books and movies? Turns out, that a flying car is very well going to become a reality now. Imagine how cool it will be, once this car is available for sale in markets near us. In the meanwhile, how about imagining where all you would like to travel in this flying car?

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