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LIFE Dietician doubts Staple food and Supplements for Immunity

Dietician doubts Staple food and Supplements for Immunity

13 02 2018 Tuesday
The News

Many renowned dietitians and British Dietetic Association(BDA) spokesperson, Aisling Pigott has recently commented upon six food staples and supplements. They said that there is little evidence that these 6 staple foods and supplements have any actual benefits in increasing the immune system of our body. This report came out on 8th February 2018 in Britain .

behind the news

Whenever you are affected by cold or flu, what does your mother give? Many times homemade medicines. A number of food staples such as Honey, garlic and chicken soup are thought to keep away a number of diseases. These facts are now being doubted upon. A Cochrane study review in 2015 spread some positive information regarding 24 food items. According to this study, garlic prevents and treats sniffles, chicken soup and Zinc lozenges prevent cold. Similarly, Vitamin C improves the immune system and shortens the length of a cold. But the recent study done by BDA has challenged it as there is no evidence found to support earlier claims of health benefits of some staple food items. However, another dietitian and BDA spokesperson Amanda Squire still advises people to take healthy diet along with supplements as it may ease their condition in cold & cough.

beyond the news

It is good to take supplements to stay away from diseases, however, the excess of anything is bad. What is best is to practice a balanced diet along with some regular exercise and not to forget drinking enough glasses of water every day. The only thing that is smarter than thinking healthy is truly becoming healthy!

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