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LIFE Chords strike music for Earth Anthem

Chords strike music for Earth Anthem

06 04 2018 Friday
The News

Music knows no boundaries and languages. Keeping the same tone, a song named “Earth Anthem” was composed by an Indian singer & poet named Abhay Kumar. This Earth Anthem was recently played by Symphony Orchestra of master Claudio Cohen in Brazil .

behind the news

First ever Earth Anthem was written by English-American poet W.H. Auden and composed by Spanish musician Pablo Casals in 1971. It was made at the request of UN. Time and time again it has been written and composed by world-renowned poets and musicians. Like, "World Anthem" by the Mindshare Institute and Foundation, "Earth Anthem" by The Turtles, "Earth Anthem" by Dan Fogelberg, "Mother Earth (Natural Anthem)" by Neil Young, "Earth Day Anthem" lyrics by William Wallace. A song was originally written in the year 2008 by Mr Abhay Kumar at St. Petersburg, Russia. It was here that it was called as “Earth Anthem” because it was inspired by a picture of earth taken from space by a spaceship named Apollo 18. Unlike any anthem, the lyrics of it is in multi-language. In was in the year 2013 that its music was composed by renowned violinist L. Subramaniam, at Kathmandu in Nepal. Since then, poet Abhay and violinist L. Subramaniam have performed it in various parts of the world. The song has already been recorded in eight official UN languages and its latest version was launched on the occasion of World Environment Day. And now Abhay Kumar is making efforts to make this 'Earth Anthem' accepted globally by all countries, world institutions and organizations, schools, etc. Currently, Earth Anthem by Abhay Kumar is being used by British Council Schools.

beyond the news

The best part of Music is that it connects people across the world. That's why music is also called as a universal language. It seems that the right time has arrived when all living souls think, live, and act for a Global Consciousness or common humanity. You can play your own part like Michael Jackson did. Remember his 'Earth Song'.

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