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LIFE Black Holes are Much Heavier Than Scientists Thought

Black Holes are Much Heavier Than Scientists Thought

The News

A new study published in the 18th February edition of the science magazine has revealed that the newly discovered black hole is way more heavier than that. If the estimates are to be believed, its weight is 1.5 times more than what was thought originally.

behind the news

Cygnus X-1 black hole was discovered in 1964 and is the first black hole to be officially discovered by scientists. It also approved the theory stated by Einstein which was further propounded by scientists like Stephen Hawking's who believe that when a planet dies, a huge void or vacuum is left resulting in black hole. This black hole is 21 times bigger than the sun and has remained a mystery for quite a long time. With the help of new devices, astronomers have been able to study the black hole even better now and therefore these discoveries about black holes are coming up. Though it is located 7200 light years from Earth, what is the pricing is its gravitational force.

beyond the news

Black holes will remain a mystery for some time. However with actual black holes being located by the scientist now, a lot of myths and misinformation about them can be shaded. It is fascinating to note that there is much bigger than what was originally expected and the fact that they are bigger than Sun shows that maybe it was not just one single planet which resulted in this. Maybe a black hole can observe another app black hole to become even bigger in size.