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LIFE Ban on teaching English in schools: Iran

Ban on teaching English in schools: Iran

11 01 2018 Thursday
The News

In a surprising move, the Iran ian government has imposed a ban on teaching the English language in primary schools. The government has accused the language of causing a "cultural invasion" in the country and can affect the usage of the Persian language in the country.

behind the news

Where developing and developed countries are encouraging children to learn multiple languages in addition to English, Iran is taking a step back. Iran is one of the countries which has failed to live up to the changes in the contemporary world, mostly because of religion-oriented politics and leaders. The current government is no exception and therefore it is not a very surprising move. The new changes have made English an optional subject in secondary classes, which makes it clear that government is not interested in teaching English to Iranian children. The government has also made it a punishable act to teach English outside school hours. However, it will not affect teaching English at private schools which don't come under Iranian education system. Experts believe that this move won't have much effect because parents in Iran know the importance of learning language and they will find ways to teach their children basic English.

beyond the news

Well! What can be the other source of learning English by Iranian children? If you think of English learning apps, then did you know that many websites in Iran have been banned? So, what can be? Maybe private school students should take an initiative.

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