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LIFE Analysis of Saberlight Explosion

Analysis of Saberlight Explosion

09 03 2018 Friday
The News

An Indian origin student named Shivani Patel of GoEngineer based in Texas , United States of America has published her analysis of "lightsaber’s explosion" of the latest Star Wars Movie. Her analysis was published on, last month.

behind the news

The Last Jedi is the seventh movie of the Star Wars franchise. This movie was released last year and was an instant hit. The movie had an incident where Kylo Ren and Ray fight each other for Luke Skywalker’s 'Light Saber' which ultimately gets ripped off and an explosion follows thereafter. As per Shivani Patel, there was a deflection in the inner side of the 'saber' which caused Luke’s lightsaber to break. The explosion, as per her theory, happened due to a misalignment of Kyber Crystals present inside the device. She used SOLIDWORKS software to explain her theory.

beyond the news

Whoa! That was some analysis. When you see this movie, you will find this fight scene between Rey and Ren in the climax scene. Though it clearly looked that Kylo’s saber was more advanced and must have damaged Luke’s saber held by Rey, it was not clear how the explosion happened. So, what you as an “expert” fan have to say about this theory.

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