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LIFE A floating house sank

A floating house sank

08 01 2018 Monday
The News

The bad weather of Dubai brought a bad news with it. A floating house near The Burj Al Arab sank on 3 January 2018. The news, however, had a good side also. Since the house was empty at the time of incident, no injuries were reported.

behind the news

New Year is welcomed by everybody across the world. It is welcomed with dance and songs. Various programs are arranged across the world for such celebrations. The Kleindienst Group of Dubai has also prepared platforms for similar purposes known as Floating Shores. One such platform situated near The Burj Al Arab however, encountered adverse and unexpected rough seas. The structure could not withstand the bad weather and sink. Lt. Col Ahmed Burqibah was the in charge of rescue operation and has confirmed that the structure was completely unoccupied at the time of the incident.

beyond the news

Celebrations and parties are a part of life. What needs to be ensured is the safety? Although there are no injuries it is the duty of the developers to make sure all the safety measures to be taken into consideration. We too must ensure the safety measures and then board such structures.

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