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LIFE 'Uyatman', a new superhero

'Uyatman', a new superhero

05 02 2018 Monday
The News

Murat Dilmanov, a cartoonist in Kazakhstan invented a superhero named 'Uyatman'. The intentions of this Uyatman are to take on the men and society against women and restricting her freedoms, with a dose of mockery.

behind the news

Uyat is Kazakh means Shame. Recently, AN incident created undesired situations when Aizhan Baizakova, 22-year-old actress was sent to jail. It was so because she was found morally guilty of some of her acts like partying and posting photos of it. It was then that a video was created by some people which gave a message to all Kazakhi women in the society to follow a certain code of conduct and do not behave indecently. Baizakova eventually had to close down her shop followed. It was in wake of this non-sense Kazakhi social moral that is being forced on women to follow, Uyatman was created. The primary aim was to educate children of the country by making a mockery of all those men who are against freedom of women. Uyatman is a result of is a result of an immaturity in society at large in Kazakhstan. Murat Dilmanov, the creator of the cartoon along with many in the international platform has jumped into a debate. Are moral guardians really working to improve the society are they just laying down restrictions in the name of morality? Are they not just restricting the freedom of the people?

beyond the news

An interesting point to notice is that although many a time, the government has discarded many non-sense complaints against women, it itself is not taking steps against such men.

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