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LIFE 'Rest In Peace' Mrs Mandela

'Rest In Peace' Mrs Mandela

05 04 2018 Thursday
The News

Wife of Nelson Mandela and a brave Anti-Racial campaigner, Winnie Madikizela Mandela took her last breath at her home in Johannesburg , South Africa on 2nd April 2018. She was 81 years old when she passed away.

behind the news

The Anti-apartheid movement was a non-violent fight under the leadership of Nelsen Mandela.The movement was against the racial discrimination prevalent in South Africa. People with black complexion were not treated fairly. They were denied basic needs of life and many were even made slaves by white complexion people in South Africa. In this movement, Noble Prize winner Nelson Mandela's wife played a major role. When Mr Nelsen Mandela was jailed for a long time for his fight against racial discrimination, she took the lead. She successfully did all those activities that Nelson Mandela could have done. With the passing of years, an illness over a long time affected her health. There were very fewer signs of improvement. The day she died, whole South Africa was sad and under grief. Not only South Africa but the people across the world who does not believe in racial discrimination.

beyond the news

Everyone on the globe knows about Nelsen Mandela. However, few know about people who always stood by him. Mrs Mandela was one of them. She played equally an important role during Anti-apartheid movement. The good work that she and her husband have done will always inspire the generations.

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