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GOOD NEWS World's First Emergency Ambulance for Mental Health Services

World's First Emergency Ambulance for Mental Health Services

09 01 2018 Tuesday
The News

Stockholm in Sweden, to tackle the rising suicides in the country has introduced the world's first mental health ambulance. This effort is named as Psychiatric Emergency Response Team, aka PAM.

behind the news

In Sweden, around 1500 suicides and 15,000 suicidal attempts occur each year. The reasons for such vary in nature. Curing Mental Health issues mostly involve supporting emotionally a person suffering from it. In suicidal risks too, emotional support is still the best way to prevent suicide. According to Bjornsdotter, a mental health nurse, one-third of all the suicidal risks cases were solved immediately with on the spot support and medical care. So, to help the people having suicidal tendencies, PAM has introduced a new kind of ambulance. In this mental health ambulance, there is no medical equipment but comfortable seats, two mental health nurses, and paramedic. PAM Ambulance is sent immediately to a person as soon as he calls PAM for a help. Currently, PAM receives 130 calls a month.

beyond the news

Ambulance caters at the times of medical emergencies. Till date, it catered to medical emergencies physiological in nature. But now, it seems that PAM has given the world inspiration to include mental emergencies too.

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