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GOOD-NEWS Wall Street Rallies To save Gorilla

Wall Street Rallies To save Gorilla

The News

Over the last few months, an online campaign launched by stock brokers of Reddit community is generating funds worth thousands of dollars for conservation of gorillas. CNN did a prolific research after which the news has come to the foray.

behind the news

The name of this community on reditt is WallStreetBets which is known for betting on company stocks. It started when one of the members of this community purchased stocks for GameStop to support a Gorilla in Congo and it became a trend within the community. When a stock community of buyers rallies behind a company stock, the value of stock rises exponentially and that is what happened with shares of GAmestop as well which rose to more than 1500% of its base price. The members of this community sold the shares at much higher price and adopted many gorillas under a Gorilla Conservation Program ran by an organisation named The Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund International. The trustee of this fund expressed her gratitude and said that all these funds raised are going towards conservation of Gorillas in Congo.

beyond the news

If you will understand the implication of this arrangement, you will find that itís a win win for everyone. The NGO benefits because it gets more funds than usual, the community brokers get both funds for themselves and get to do philanthropy. Lastly, the gorillas get conserved and donít have to worry about leaving their habitat. Hopefully, more such communities will come forward to help several other species who require funds for survival.