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GOOD NEWS Vending Machine for Homelessness

Vending Machine for Homelessness

06 01 2018 Saturday
The News

A non-profit company called Action Hunger has made a new vending machine for providing daily goods to homeless people in England . The first one was introduced in Nottingham and soon will be present in other cities.

behind the news

Action Hunger serves the people who are without homes and their mission is to alleviate poverty. In one of their actions for such, they have come up with a 24*7 vending machine that provides food, socks, toothbrushes, etc. daily item needs of homelessness. They store food in vending machines that were produced in excess in restaurants, shopping mall, local shops, charities, etc. And other daily items too. With the help of volunteers, these daily needs are distributed at vending machines. Each homelessness person is also provided with a special card through which it can access vending machines and purchase things at a very low cost- that does not hurt their pockets.

beyond the news

Vending Machines were typically made for a better-earning group of people to purchase sodas, candies, snacks, etc. instantly. But for the first time in the UK, it is opened for homelessness people.

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