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GOOD-NEWS US to go carbon free by 2050

US to go carbon free by 2050

The News

A research study published by the Department of energy in Lawrence Berkeley national laboratory and the University of San Francisco have revealed that United States will run primarily on renewable energy by the year 2050.

behind the news

Renewable source of energy are those which do not produce pollution like wind, sun, water and energy made from biomass. Nonrenewable sources of energy are those that are limited in nature and produce a lot of pollution like coal and petroleum. As per the research report, United States is slowly progressing towards creating an infrastructure that is energy efficient and will switch to electronic technologies. The program is a part of decarbonisation of United States energy system which is being developed in association with the current government by the scientists. Scientist are aware of the fact that by 2050 United States also has to achieve carbon neutrality and that will be possible only if they start acting now.

beyond the news

Greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide are responsible for the increase in our earth's overall temperature. That is why, this report is both futuristic and at the same time important for the whole planet. United States is one of the biggest carbon emitter and if it will take its carbon emissions seriously, things will get much better for the world. Hopefully, the existing and the upcoming government of United States will keep the accord.