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GOOD NEWS Trisha and Kazakhi girls are making the world to respect others

Trisha and Kazakhi girls are making the world to respect others

06 04 2018 Friday
The News

Aren't we all normally worried about our loved ones? But can the death of a loving person motivate you enough to develop an app... to help people? Trisha Prabhu from Illinois and girls from Kazakhstan have developed apps that are helping millions to be safe.

behind the news

Trisha went into a depression (mental disease) after her aunt's demise in 2013. She did recover but was again disturbed on hearing the story of an 11-year-old girl's suicide. This girl was bullied on social media. She was affected but instead of letting it off her mind, she decided to take some action. She developed an app 'ReThink Words' with a motive to stop the damage done by cyberbullying. It is a technology solution that helps cyber-bullies to rethink their words before posting anything hurtful online. The app comes up with suggestions for better words before posting their messages. ReThink Words has been honoured with several national and international awards. Like, Google Science Fair - Global Finalist, MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) Aristotle Award, and International Diana Award. On another part of the world, Aruzhan Koshkarova along with Azhar Sultansikh, Dianna Zhanakbayeva, and Diyara Beisenbekova have developed QamCare. It's an app, which helps you to keep a track of you near & dear ones. At the same time, the developers have made sure that it does not hamper your privacy, as only a few and special contacts of people you know would have the access to the last location of yours.

beyond the news

What are you thinking? How do these young kids develop such apps? Well the answer is quite simple- the common factor is a sense of empathy for others? Once you have empathy, you need to be willing to take meaningful and responsible actions. Aruzhan says, "If you want to change the world you live in, start from your own city, school or community. Small changes are also changes!". Don't look for something BIG, what you do should be strong enough to make a BIG difference in other's life.

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