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GOOD NEWS Teenager Transforming Street Lives

Teenager Transforming Street Lives

13 03 2018 Tuesday
The News

James Okina a teenager from Calabar , Nigeria is changing the lives of the street children in Nigeria. He started working for this good cause at the mere age of 15. Today, he is inspiring generations of children.

behind the news

James Okina met a 13-year-old homeless kid named Frederick when he was 15. He started talking to the boy and saw that the boy could talk in good English. The boy used to dance in a bar to earn some money for buying food and his basic needs. James thought why did the boy who was smart and knew how to talk properly living on the streets? That is when he decided to help the kids who lived on the streets. He started using his money to pay for the school fees of two children. He used to work part-time in a clothing store. Then he realised that maybe he could help these children by making them able to earn their own money. So, he asked Alemoh Ansel Igemokhai, the manager of the clothing company if they could hire these kids for sweeping and cleaning offices. After hesitating, Igemokhai agreed to hire the kids, and the rest is history. Today because of the efforts of Okina, and Igemokhai there are many street children who are studying, and working to live a good life.

beyond the news

Did you know that according to the reports by UNICEF, about 8.6 million kids in Nigeria who are homeless? Most of them are orphan and many have left unhappy homes. What Okina started, has changed the lives of many of these children. He is an inspiration to many. May he keep doing the good work that he has been doing.

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