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GOOD-NEWS Teen awarded for Finding Potential Coronavirus Cure

Teen awarded for Finding Potential Coronavirus Cure

The News

An American teenager of Indian origin has been awarded $25,000 for research in finding a treatment for novel coronavirus. The 14-year-old girl from Texas may have found a formula that can help to develop potential drug to treat COVID-19.

behind the news

Ankita is 14 year old budding scientist from Texas and to participation in young scientist challenge for finding a cure for coronavirus. She developed a unique molecule that can combine itself with one of the protein strands of novel coronavirus and stop its functioning. On being asked how she feels about her victory, she said that it is yet to sink in. Ever since the year has started, she has been working on finding ways to fight seasonal flu however her plans changed when the world was took by surprise because of coronavirus. She therefore directed her efforts towards finding a cure for novel coronavirus and therefore this molecule was invented by her. She gave the credit of her success to her grandfather who always encouraged her to become a medical researcher.

beyond the news

Ankita has really made our country and her parents proud. If the molecule that she has invented can be used by any big pharmaceutical company, there is a possibility that a drug can be developed which can save millions of lives. The world is in dire need of a vaccine and maybe Ankita has found a solution for the same.