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GOOD-NEWS Syntropic Agriculture Can End Hunger in Deserts

Syntropic Agriculture Can End Hunger in Deserts

The News

A Swiss farmer has developed a new method of agriculture farming in Brazil called Syntropic Agriculture which can help grow agricultural produce in arid regions. The name of this scientist is Ernst Gotsch whose story has been published by BBC.

behind the news

Syntropic Agriculture is based on the idea that rather than making or forcing plants to adjust to difficult climate, it is more beneficial to make conditions better for the plants to flourish. This method of agriculture involves combining food production methods with reforestation, rather than deforesting the areas just to increase agricultural produce. Almost all over the world, farmers tend to cut trees and then use the land for farming thinking that since more area will be available, the produce will be higher. However, this method of agriculture has proven out to be fatal as the crop doesn't get the kind of environment that it requires to naturally flourish, making farmers resort to pesticides which not only affects the output but also destroys biodiversity of the region. Mr. Earnst? method has become widely popular in the country, especially in the arid regions where it has proven out to be highly successful.

beyond the news

It seems that one of the biggest problems posed by unseasonal monsoons and deforestation might be getting a resolution. If this method can be implemented in Brazil, there are added zones all over the world which can use this method for their farmers. Governments all over the world should take a note of this farming method which is completely organic.