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GOOD NEWS Successful Teenager's life Advise!

Successful Teenager's life Advise!

05 04 2018 Thursday
The News

You might be having life advice from your parents, teachers, and so on. And now, here are more from children like you. Hillary Yip, 13 from Hong Kong and Amber Yang, 18 from the U.S.A. have given life tips for all of us. Let's see what's the tip that they gave to the world with the help of BBC.

behind the news

Hillary Yip became successful when she created an App called 'MinorMynas.' With this app, you can chat with each other while still learning other's mother language. In short, it's a language learning app. But, in a fun and engaging way. So, if you want to avoid foreign language classes, then this app will suit you best. Amber Yang, on the other hand, is dealing with the issue of junk in the space. She's working on a project which can detect the space junk. If this happens, then it will avoid disturbance caused by spacecraft, satellites and other objects. It will help in a way when you get to know that speed-breaker is ahead through signboards. Not only this, her program can predict the amount of junk in space too. This is almost 98% accurate…………far more than NASA. That's amazing! She will soon start her company named 'SEER'.

beyond the news

A life advises by Hillary Hip: The most important thing is to take that first step. While your goals may seem daunting or too big to be achieved, just staring it down won’t do a thing. And, a life advises by Amber Yang: Look at the world both analytically and differently. Don't ask yourself what technology is trendy or popular, but rather what has yet to be known or accomplished.

International Life Skills Olympiad

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