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GOOD NEWS Shenzhen Shows Future of Public Transport

Shenzhen Shows Future of Public Transport

12 01 2018 Friday
The News

While everyone was busy talking about pollution free modes of communication, Shenzhen in Hong Kong , China actually worked it out. From 2018, now the whole fleet of public buses is being operated on electricity.

behind the news

Shenzhen is a city in North Hong Kong that has a fleet of 16,359 buses, all of which now operate on electricity rather than petrol or diesel. The next target of the authorities is to convert all the taxis using electricity. As per a government official, more than half of the taxis are already eligible for the same and by year 2020, the whole public transport system will be electricity-driven in the city. The concept of electric buses is not unknown because cities like New York and Chicago in US are already running it, but the kind of dedication shown by Shenzhen is unmatched. To recharge them, more than 300 charging station have been made and many street light poles have been converted into chargers. This change is expected to save 345,000 tons of fuel and will also reduce air pollution to great levels. The city of Shenzhen should truly become an inspiration to other countries of the world.

beyond the news

Cities like Beijing, New Delhi, New York, Glasglow are suffering from congestion due to excessive air pollution. More and more cities in the world should follow the footsteps of Shenzhen and the problem of environment pollution will be solved permanently.

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