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GOOD NEWS Millennials Are Serious About Climate Change

Millennials Are Serious About Climate Change

09 03 2018 Friday
The News

In a study published last week by Pew Research Centre in Washington D.C. , United States of America, it has been found that the millennial generation of voters are fed up with the manner in which their politicians are handling the issue of climate change. Let's understand their take on the issue.

behind the news

Climate Change basically refers to the event of extreme climate and weather conditions occurring very often when compared to how rarely it used to occur in the past and that too also with increased intensity and impact. The root cause of all this is Global Warming i.e. rise in global temperatures due to the increase in the level of carbon dioxide gas in the earth's atmosphere. As per the research, people of age group 18-29 in the USA are more likely to vote for the next government, which supports climate change. Very few people of this age group think like their earlier generations. Their attitude towards climate change seems to be pretty interesting and serious as well. Majority of this age group understands that climate change is a man-made phenomenon and it can be controlled only with the help of serious measures. The research clearly shows that current government might lose their ground. And so if elections'>elections are conducted today, they have less chance to win.

beyond the news

The reason behind the success of eco-friendly products and pro-environment organizations is the young generation only. They understand that the natural resources are limited and cannot be reused. This research proves that if the current government - which has dismissed Climate Change - really wants to win the next elections, it’s high time that they start taking climate change seriously.

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