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GOOD-NEWS Method To Generate Electricity From Flattering Stripes Invented

Method To Generate Electricity From Flattering Stripes Invented

The News

Scientists in a University of China have invented a new way to generate electricity through flattering stripes. The method is so easy that any person can carry it and generate electricity with his own movement.

behind the news

There is a concept in science called triboelectric effect which happens when two plastic substances become electronically charged if there is separate from each other. In this invention, there are two stripes which constantly rub against each other because of the movement of the apparatus in which they are kept. This friction generates electricity which is captured and stored that can power few LED bulbs easily. Unlike Wind Turbines, which require huge machinery and fast winds, this device only needs 1.6 mi./s speed of air to generate install electricity. Mr Young, the inventor has stated that this invention can be used on a large scale also and can replace non-nonrenewable sources of energy like coal in the longer run.

beyond the news

There are many scientific concepts which can be used in the daily lives to make our planet eco-friendly. One of the ways is the one that Mr Young has invented. Hopefully further research on this apparatus will enable Mr Yang and his team to generate enough electricity to maybe power or mobile phone.