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GOOD NEWS Meet the Future of Supermarkets that does not sells plastic!!

Meet the Future of Supermarkets that does not sells plastic!!

10 03 2018 Saturday
The News

Netherland has become the first country in the world to host the world's first eco-friendly supermarket for its customers. Here, none of the items or products made of plastic are sold. This supermarket Ekoplaza was opened at Amsterdam in the Netherlands on 6th March, 2018.

behind the news

The name of the supermarket is Ekoplaza which will have 700 plastic free products to choose from. The food items will be placed in glass jars and cardboard. According to the founder of the supermarket, they have designed the supermarket keeping into the mind the future of food. They added that there is no point keeping the food wrapped in plastic. The company will have 74 branches in the country and its founders believe that it will make a great contribution towards the protection of our environment. As per the studies, recycling of plastic is not a permanent solution because not all kind of plastic can be recycled. And so, its usage from the very start has to be reduced to zero.

beyond the news

Supermarkets are popular because they provide one place solution for all the household needs. However, Supermarkets also contribute negatively because of the high usage of plastic bags which are harmful to the environment. The success of this market may prompt other companies to follow the lead and maybe one-day plastics will be found only in the pages of history.

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