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GOOD NEWS Kids are suing the US Government on Climate Change Policies

Kids are suing the US Government on Climate Change Policies

13 02 2018 Tuesday
The News

Levi Draheim, a 10-year-old kid from Satellite Beach, Florida along with 20 other elder children has sued the US Government. They, in 2015, had filed a lawsuit'>lawsuit against the government for violating their constitutional rights by continued use of fossil'>fossil fuels that cause Global Warming and Climate Change. The lawsuit was supposed to begin on February 5, 2018, but was held again by Oregon court in the United States of America .

behind the news

Did you know that when this trial will begin, it will be for the first time that allegations of violating constitutional rights, will be made on the government, through climate policies? And that too by 21 children! Most of us are aware that how harmful are the fossil fuel products like petrol, diesel, plastics, etc. to our natural environment. They cause pollution: the lead cause of global warming which in turn make polar ice to melt and consequently rise in sea-level takes place. This particular effect has put in danger the survival of coastal islands as they will be the first to be affected. Draheim's homeland is at worst as the sea-level of his homeland island is zero! That's why he has joined this courtly battle initiated by 'Our Children's Trust' (Do check: www.ourchildrenstrust.org). Although this lawsuit was filed at the ending presidential days of former US President Obama, it's trial seems to begin at the right time; as unlike former one, the current US President Donald Trump has always questioned if climate change was real. During his campaign, he had promised to end the laws and regulations made by the Obama administration to fight climate change. Levi Draheim has been a direct victim of climate change.The hurricane Irma had hit Draheim homeland very hard and so he feels that it was because of climate change. Although according to many scientists hurricanes are not caused by Global Warming but are definitely more intense and extreme with increased frequency of occurrence due to it. Not only this 21 children, but there are many other such lawsuits filed by children. Well! If not the generation - responsible for Global Warming - is taking steps, the small brains and hearts of the future generation who will be affected most, have started to take it seriously!

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